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Cognation ( Because it's fun )
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Cognate Nexus
A Harry Potter Role-Playing Game

general premise.
how the journals are set up.

Cognate Nexus, pronunciation kgn tnkss
n. 1. A Harry Potter Role-Playing Game that follows Half-Blood Prince, but takes a slightly AU twist. [see 'general premise']

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70s glam rock, alex/teddy, alison is lovely, alison/jj, annoying theodore, anthony/coffee=otp, armour on the run, arsenal, attention slytherins, awkward touching, beefy thighs, big hairy friends, blaise/millicent, blatant sexual tension, brazil, cake as comfort food, child brides, churchill potato theft, co-ed twister, codes in unexpected places, colin's blackmailing pictures, contractual obligations, daddy issues, damsel-in-distress, daphne/chris, darling., dawlish's comforting pussy, dean/neville/seamus, dean/parvati, death by love, draco's cocky cock, draco/pansy, eating undergarments, ernie's crazy potions, ernie's penis description, ernie/hannah, esmeralda daisy duke darling, evil jockstrap, ewwwww!, excessive capitalisation, excessive italicizing, excessive underlining, exposing slytherin undergarments, fat french people, fetching cake, finding codes, firecrotches, footal afflictions, fortune cookies, fudgepackery, furious mansex, glitter in moderation, goats, grape arse, gryffindor/slytherin rivalry, halloween chant, happy sparkly pockets, harlots, harry potter's little bat, harry/ginny, having kris' children, head trauma, hmmm., hogwarts on ice, hormonal teenagers, hugs, hurr, indiscriminate stunning spells, infinite beings, jezebels, jigglyparts, jj is a sweatshirt, kevin: man of iron, knight in shining armour, lavender/seamus, licorice wand euphemisms, lisa's punk soul, lists about oneself, litany smears mockery, luke is the one, lusting after theodore, manchester city, manipulation into manlove, masculine brawn, mass sarah hatage, massive unceasing erections, matching sets of poison, michael/everyone, michael/terry, minerva mcgonagall, moley arses, mommy issues, morag/kevin, my little pony, mystery herbology girls, naked ladies!!!!!, naughty tarot cards, neville/megan, penile afflictions, place your bets, popular culture references, prank wars, prohibition!, projection, prophet bashing, proudfoot you sexy thing, proudfoot's cradle-robbing, public displays of affection, quidditch, random naked statues, ravenclaw trios, respectably mature insults, restriction, revenge of the house-elves, romance novels, ron/hermione, rufus frank mcqueen, sandwiches, sarah/elie?, sarah/ernie pr0n, saving the auguries, seamus' uncle, secret letters, shrines to demure modesty, slow news days, slytherin: freud's wet dream, sparklypoo?, speed skater thighs, spice girls suck, stephen/gobstones, su and zach animosity, subtle plotting, surveys, t.i.t. and t.w.a.t., tangos, the blazing donkey, the daily prophet sucks, the moon card, the peen that lived, theodore's crush on daphne, threatening weasleys, togas, unreceived foot massages, watermelon socks, wayne hopkins: superhero, wedding planning, west ham, win's drawing skills, zacharias/luna, zombie armour